Ephesians: How God Puts Things Back Together


The letter to the Ephesian church is Paul’s masterpiece. In it, he works out his understanding of who God is, what God has done, and what he is doing in and through the Church. Much of that could be summed up in his statement in chapter one, “a plan...to unite all things in him, things in heaven and on earth.” 

In other words, God is putting things back together. God is taking all that is broken and lost, and piecing it back together. Through the life, death and resurrection of his son Jesus, God is forming his people into a reflection of who he is to the world around them. Starting with theological concepts and then working them out into practical instructions, Paul gives us a comprehensive picture of what belonging to Jesus is and what that generates in a group of people who live in light of it. 

This series takes 17 weeks to work through the letter to the Ephesians and understand what it means for us today. 


Below you’ll find the individual teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent.