The God of Sex: The Lies We're Told & the Truth We're Offered


Contrary to popular belief, God is not anti-sex or anti-sexuality. Sex was actually His idea to begin with. The human body, sexual organs, sexual desire, sexual attraction–all thought up by God himself. 

And he designed it with a purpose. More than simply recreation for grown-ups, and more than an exchange of goods or services between consenting adults, sex was actually meant to accomplish something. It has a purpose. It was meant to achieve something even greater than itself. But in order to discover what that purpose is, we have to be willing to take sex off the pedestal it's on. Then, and only then, can we discover what it was meant to be all along.

This series takes eight weeks to unpack sex, sexuality, and related topics.


Below you’ll find the individual teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent.