Adulting: Work, Finances & other Confusing Things


Becoming an adult in today’s world can be one of the most exciting, anticipated, wonderful, confusing, disorienting, frustrating things a person goes through. All of a sudden, there’s work to go to, there’s bills to pay, there’s decisions to make–and on top of all that, there’s trying to navigate what friendships and free time look like with all the other stuff going on.

Most people feel unprepared for at least parts of adulthood, if not for adulthood in general. And some of us spend plenty of time just pretending to know what we’re doing. But if we’re honest, we’d love it if we had someone to coach us up on portions of it, and help us navigate the maze that is life as a grown-up.

Cue Adulting: Work, Finances, and other Confusing Things. This series takes four weeks to tackle some of the toughest parts of adulthood, using the opening pages of Genesis as a guide.


Week 1: Work
Kent Bateman / April 8, 2018 / Genesis 2:1-8, 15 & Genesis 3:17b-19

Week 2: Decision-Making
Kent Bateman / April 15, 2018 / Genesis 2:15-17 & Genesis 3:1-7

Week 3: Finances
Jeff Hsiang / April 22, 2018 / Genesis 1:26-28

Week 4: What Nobody Tells You
Kent Bateman / April 29, 2018 / Selected Proverbs