Holy Ghost Revival: Recovering the Practical Power of the Spirit


Nothing quite divides a room of Christians like the mention of the Holy Spirit. For some, the existence of the Spirit is essentially a problem: something to navigate around and downplay. For others, the Spirit and related topics are the very backbone of what it means to follow Jesus, elevated over and above all other theological topics. For others still, interactions with the Spirit are a sweet experiences of life and joy from God himself.

So the question becomes, how do we find ourselves in that third place, instead of the first two? The presence of the Spirit throughout the pages of Scripture is obvious and undeniable. But often the presence of the Spirit is somewhat less obvious in our own lives. So how do we go about changing that?

This series takes seven weeks to rediscover the practical power and presence of God through his Spirit.


Below you’ll find the teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent.