The God of Sex / Q&A: Masturbation, Modesty, Role-Playing & More


In this mid-week podcast, Kent answers some questions sent in by people in our church family. Here’s the breakdown:

Is there ever a situation in a marriage where masturbation is okay? Ex: extended time away from spouse? (1:13)

Is masturbation ever biologically required for males? (5:10)

Is there a way we can get the sexual stats to those studies? [referring to the week 1 teaching, Dethroning Aphrodite] (6:26)

"This morning [referring to the week 2 teaching, Sex & the Bible] we were talking about how powerful sex is and how it will accomplish ""one flesh"" whether it's in the context of marriage or not. Is this what people mean when they say ""soul tie""? For example, oh I have a "soul tie" to that person because we dated and had sex..." (7:20)

How should we view modesty as a church community? (10:14)

What is the difference between a marriage where one (or both) parties have been divorced and one between a same sex couple in a sin sense? (18:03)

How did the book of Song of Solomon end up in the final version of the Bible? Why was it selected to be included? Do we know the reasoning? (22:18)

How far is too far sexually when dating? (24:21)

Any thoughts on role playing in sex, when it’s with your spouse? (32:12)