The God of Sex / Q&A: The "One," Baby-Making, Divorce & More


In this mid-week podcast, Kent answers some questions sent in by people in our church family. Here’s the breakdown:

0:25: How do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

5:23: Brad follows up with the question, since there isn’t the one, how do you know when you’ve found someone “good enough? How do we know when we’re in a marriage-quality relationship?

7:11: If singleness is the better option, why did God give Adam Eve before the Fall, and say “it is better for you to not be alone”?

12:08: How should married couples approach sex when one or both partners are self-conscious about their bodies?

16:41: Do married couples have a responsibility to have and raise children? Is it wrong for them to choose not to have children, even if they are physically able to?

22:18: Why are certain types of kissing considered okay, or not sinful, or toeing the line, but others are not? I get that making out can stir up more lust than a goodbye peck, but is trying to make that distinction just another form of “how far is too far”?

23:45: Multiple people have asked about the topics of divorce and remarriage after divorce. What does the bible teach about divorce and remarriage?