All the Feels: Understanding Our Emotions Through the Psalms


Anger. Doubt. Confusion. Fear. Loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. The human condition encompasses a wide range of emotions and experiences. As if the emotions weren’t enough in themselves, many of us feel at a loss to know how to process and express those emotions well. Often, it feels like the only options are to either suppress all your emotions or to mindlessly obey them. And we’ve all seen enough poor examples of each to be less than satisfied with either approach.

Meanwhile, we have the Psalms. There may be few pieces of literature covering a wider range of emotion than this ancient Hebrew prayer book. In 150 chapters, the writers of the Psalms cover everything thing from hatred to pure joy, and quite a few experiences in between. Some of the language and honesty in the Psalms is quite shocking–even uncomfortable to hear–because of the raw emotion it contains.

But in all of its stanzas, the Psalms helps us come to grips with what’s going in in our hearts, and gives us something to do with all of it. This series takes seven weeks to understand and process our emotions through praying them, using the book of Psalms as a guide.


Below you’ll find the individual teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent.