The Sexual Revolution failed. You wouldn't know from people's brazen denial about it. You wouldn't guess it from how frequently we all talk about it. But it was a massive, colossal, trainwreck of a failure. But fifty years later, Americans are having less sex–not more. It didn't deliver what we were told it would, and now we're left picking up the pieces.

Because it wasn't just that things didn't get better–they actually got worse. Porn addiction. Sexual assault. Human trafficking. Our so-called sexual freedom came at a hefty price. That's the bad news. The good news is that sometimes the only way to see that something was poorly built is to watch it crumble to the ground. And then let God bring beauty out of the ashes. 

Contrary to popular belief, God is not anti-sex or anti-sexuality. Sex was actually his idea. But he designed it with a purpose. More than simply recreation between adults, and more than an exchange of goods between two people, sex was meant to accomplish something. It was meant to achieve something even greater than itself. But in order to discover what that is, we have to take it off of the pedestal it's on. Then, and only then, can we discover what it was meant to be all along.

Join us beginning September 9 as we do just that.


Week by Week

September 9: Dethroning Aphrodite
Back in the day, people would worship a goddess by the name of Aphrodite, the goddess of sex. The would offer sacrifices to her, devote their lives to her, and make life decisions based on what made her happy. How silly and old-fashioned, right? Right?!

September 16: Sex & the Bible
There are those who would say the God of the bible is anti-sex. That the bible is prudish and Puritanical. But the bible itself tells quite a different story. There are parts of the bible that would make even us liberated 21st century Americans blush a little. 

September 23: Sex & Identity
In recent decades our society has launched a brand-new, unproven experiment: using sexual desire to define the whole of our identity. While it feels right, this has unintended consequences. And on top of that, there's a better identity there for the taking.

September 30: Sex & Singleness
In the modern world, we've created two narratives for single people to walk in. In one, singleness is the only path to complete, untethered freedom–the only way to avoid being "tied down" to any one person. In the other, singleness is a form of torture, a life absent of any sexual fulfillment. Scripture provides a third way–and a pretty incredible one at that.

October 7: Sex & Marriage
The bible holds up marriage as the only fitting context for sex to exist and thrive. But let's be real honest–in a whole lot of marriages, it simply doesn't. What stands between those of us who are married and a fulfilling sex life with our spouse? 

October 14: Sex & Porn
We can't have a complete discussion about sexuality without addressing the thing that has single-handedly shaped our culture the most when it comes to sex. Sex is more prevalent and more mainstream than ever before–but very few people are acknowledging the truth about it.

October 21: Sex & Healing
There is no shame quite like sexual shame. Whether it's from sexual sin, sexual brokenness, or sexual abuse, it can shape and warp our sense of self more than anything else. But the Scriptures bring us tremendous hope and healing–in more ways than you might think.

October 28: Loose Ends + Q&A
In the final week of the series, we'll address a few related topics that didn't fit cleanly in the other weeks, and then take time to answer specific questions you ask during the series. Our aim is to be as helpful as possible.