Jesus was a...partier?

There are all kinds of notions about who Jesus was. A Jewish teacher of the law. God in the flesh. A left-of-center teacher and philosopher. The resurrected son of God. 

But among all the popular perceptions, not many think of Jesus as a partier. However, if you take a survey of the life of Jesus, meals and celebrations were a integral part of his life. It is written about Jesus that he came "eating and drinking" (Luke 7:34). And when Jesus wasn't at parties, he was talking about them. Many of Jesus' teachings and parables have meals and celebrations at their center.

So what can we learn from Jesus' food-and-drink saturated life? How might this aspect of Jesus change the way we view God and other people? We'll explore those questions and more during our series Party Like Jesus, beginning September 10.



The Best Wine
Sept. 10

In John 2, Jesus performs his very first miracle. Surprisingly, he doesn't kick things off with raising the dead or walking on water, but instead, refills the wine at a wedding party. What should we make of this miracle? What is Jesus trying to show us about who he is and what he came to do?

it's not my party (and I'll cry if I want to)
Sept. 17

Luke 15 contains one of Jesus most famous parables, commonly called the story of the "prodigal son." The story contains an account of a loving father welcoming home his runaway child. But is that all it's about? Have we missed some of what Jesus is trying to tell us about how we relate to God?

the party crasher
Sept. 24

Jesus ate and celebrated with all types of people, from the religious elite to the social outcast. He even inspired a party crasher or two. In Luke 7, Jesus interacts with an uninvited dinner guest with a questionable reputation. What can we learn from who Jesus welcomes (and who he rejects) in this passage?

the guest list
Oct. 1

In Luke 14, Jesus gives his audience a lesson in party planning. He has some really specific instructions about who you should and shouldn't invite to your party. What is Jesus trying to teach us about how to welcome people and what hospitality truly is?

the (almost) Last supper
oct. 8

Right before his death, Jesus enjoyed a meal with his disciples. Commonly called the “the last supper,” this meal was stepped in tradition and filled with significance. And then, on this particular instance, Jesus adds even more layers to the meal’s meaning. What can we learn from this particular dinner party?