If you’re a follower of Jesus, the problem is all too familiar. You’ve read the articles about how churches and Christians are “out of touch” with the world. You’ve heard the podcasts about how Christianity needs a facelift–how it needs to reinvent and remarket itself if it’s going to survive. 

Behind all of these perspectives is a common assumption: the assumption that there are just too many hang-ups and objections to Christianity as it stands. There are too many hoops to jump through, too many difficult ideas to swallow. Many of us have felt these objections in ourselves, whether we’d admit it or not. Others of us encounter people every day who have these objections, and don’t know how to speak to them intelligently and helpfully. 

But if we could learn, there’s an opportunity for the taking. There’s an opportunity to have compassionate, understanding, and informed conversations with people who struggle with the ideas surrounding faith and Jesus. And we desperately want to see that happen.

This series takes six weeks to unpack common obstacles and objections to faith in Jesus, understand them, and speak to them truthfully and helpfully. 



August 18
I Just Can’t Believe…that Belief is Reasonable

August 25
I Just Can’t Believe…in the Authority of the Bible

September 1
I Just Can’t Believe…that God Would Allow This Much Suffering

September 8
I Just Can’t Believe…that God Wouldn’t Want Me to be Happy

September 15
I Just Can’t Believe…because Christians Are So Intolerant

September 22
I Just Can’t Believe…because Christians Are Hypocrites