South Knoxville Baptist Church has been serving the city of Knoxville for decades as a faithful, gospel-centered church along the river. They are a community with a rich history, and an even richer pattern of generosity towards God's purposes in reaching our city.

On August 15, 2018 they continued that pattern by gifting their facilities on Sevier Avenue to our church family. To City Church, it represents a home and ministry hub for years to come. For South Knoxville Baptist, it represents a repeated and humble commitment to the kingdom of God in Knoxville. And to the downtown and South Knoxville communities, it will be a new expression of the same mission: followers of Jesus ready to love God and love their neighbors.

There will be many decisions to be made in the months and years to come. But it will all be because of this landmark for the legacy of South Knoxville Baptist Church.



Where is the building located?
The building is located just 1.6 miles (5 minutes) away from Jackson Terminal, where we currently meet on Sundays. It's located just over the Gay Street bridge from downtown, one block from Honeybee Coffee on the South Waterfront.


Does this mean City Church will start meeting at South Knoxville Baptist instead of at Jackson Terminal?
In the future, yes. Right now, no. We will continue meeting at Jackson Terminal for the foreseeable future, while we make financial and logistical preparations to relocate to the South Knoxville Baptist facilities.

What will happen to South Knoxville Baptist Church?
For at least the next twelve months, South Knoxville Baptist Church will continue meeting at the facility at their same service time. After twelve months, the most likely scenario is that they will simply move their services to an evening time slot, while still remaining at the facility.

Will City Church be doing any updates or renovations to the facilities?
In the long term, yes. Nothing major, just updating and expanding some restrooms, enhancing the kids' space for our needs, and putting some fresh paint on the walls. But these won't start anytime soon, so as to minimize inconvenience while South Knoxville Baptist continues to use the facilities.

Are there ways we can help with the updates and renovations? 
There definitely will be. In the future, we will have opportunities to come help paint and work on building-related projects. We'll be sure to post about them and email them out when the time comes!

How will we pay for the updates and renovations? 
We will be raising support to cover the costs of updates and renovations. Anyone interested in helping us make this facility our long-term home is invited to contribute. If you or someone you know is interested in giving, you can do so at this link.

How can I be praying for the transition?
Great question! There are plenty of ways to pray. Join us in praying for God's financial provision for the renovations, for a great, kingdom-minded relationship to continue with the people and leadership of South Knoxville Baptist Church, and for City Church to remain focused through it all on what makes us us–being a Jesus-centered family on mission. While this new facility will bring opportunities for new ministry, our desire is that it doesn't change any of who we are as a church.