We've Got a Big Announcement...

As a church, we are excited to announce that we have a location to begin hosting monthly Gatherings early next year. 

We've found a home at Jackson Terminal at the corner of South Gay Street and West Jackson Avenue. The former railroad freight depot has been a part of Knoxville's history since the late 1800s, and we're excited to have it as our home on Sundays. The venue is in a great location, connecting the Old City to the great 100-block of downtown. 



Want to take a look around the venue? Use the gallery below:

With our location secured, we'll begin hosting Sunday Gatherings on the first Sunday of every month. We'll kick things off big with our first Gathering on February 5, followed by a Super Bowl Party there at the venue later in the day.


First Sunday of Every Month
beginning February 5
at 10:30am


2/5/17 ∙ 3/5/17 ∙ 4/2/17 ∙ 5/7/17 ∙ 6/4/17

Want to find out more or plan to visit for a Gathering?