A Time to Mourn & a Time to Dance / May 2016

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

- Revelation 21:4

The last few months I have shed a lot of tears. The midnight phone call that had me flying back to Taiwan to watch my mom’s health slowly deteriorate over the course of 3 weeks. Then she was gone. Death. There’s such a cold finality to death that the only way I knew how to respond was to weep uncontrollably. 

And then there’s coming back home to Columbia, SC to say goodbye to some of the dearest people in my life before moving to Knoxville. The goodbyes culminated in a mountain cabin where I am sitting at a dinner table with 11 other pastors of Midtown Fellowship. I wept as we talked about the immense pain and sufferings we have faced together over the years. I wept knowing that my friendship and the brotherhood that is there will be changing as we are being sent out. 

So many tears. And through it all, Revelation 21:4 kept resonating with me. There is a deep ache within me that long for the day where Jesus will wipe every tear from our eyes, and the cold, hard finality of death will no longer be a thing. It gave me a hope to look forward to, of how the story of creation ends with a wedding feast where everything is made right again.

But, it also gave me hope for the now. That our time here is not in vain and we are laboring for a harvest that comes with eternity. And there is no denying with what Jesus is doing through this church plant, for there is much to celebrate from this past month. 


  • Tons of people now have jobs. The past month have been huge in terms of team members gaining employment in Knoxville. Jeff Hsiang, Sean Brereton, Melanie Williamson, and Sara Breeden all were offered and accepted jobs in the past two weeks.
  • The Walshes have a house under contract. One of our families, Brent, Jenny, Gideon and Eden are locked in on a house Northwest of Knoxville.
  • A new couple has joined our team. Jesse Von Fange & Kelsey Solomon joined up with us recently, as Jesse will be attending PA school at South College in Knoxville this fall. We'd also like to congratulate them on their recent engagement!

How to Pray

  • Celebrate with us. It's been a big few weeks for us, and God has provided like crazy. Join us in thanking him for all the jobs, houses, and move dates that he put into place.
  • Pray for our upcoming move dates. Over the next month, at least 4 team members will be making the move to Knoxville. Pray for them as they say their goodbyes, pack up their belongings, and relocate.
  • Pray for our team members already in Knoxville. As more team members make the move, our hope is that the team members already there are able to welcome them in and show them around, as well as help them get adjusted to the city.
  • Pray for the rest of our team to get jobs. The bulk of the rest of our team will be looking for jobs between now and August, and we'd love you to join us in asking for God to provide.

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