Three Ways to Pray With Us


Our new series, Formation: The Art & Science of How We Change, is all about putting into practice habits that help us become more like Jesus. This year, we’re focusing on the practice of prayer. So to accompany the series, we’ve set up three ways for you to put into practice a daily habit of prayer along with us.

  1. Get the Practice Guide booklet. We’ve compiled each day’s prayer prompt into a booklet available at our Gatherings or in PDF form here. Grab a copy of the booklet, keep it near your bible and journal each day, and participate in prayer with us.

  2. Get the prayer prompts texted to your phone each day. You can sign up by texting MORNING, AFTERNOON, or EVENING (just pick one, depending on the time of day you want to receive the texts) to 9-10-11.

  3. Follow us on social media. We’ll post each day’s prayer prompt to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow us on those channels and let each day’s post be a reminder to pray.

We’re asking the Holy Spirit uses these avenues to shape and form us into the image of Jesus via prayer.