Our Family Vacation / April 2016

In April, most of our team traveled to Sevierville, TN right in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains for our Family Vacation. The thinking is that if church is a family (which it is), and families vacation together (which some do), then we might as well vacation together too!

We spent the weekend hanging out with each other, eating good food, and talking about all the upcoming transitions (namely, that 80% of our team will be relocating to Knoxville between now and September). If you're interested, you can listen to the sessions on our website here. 

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and a great opportunity to enjoy being church family together. And to prove it, see our wonderfully staged group photo above.


  • We've begun our church plant watch-care process. A local association in Knox County has started us on their watch-care process for new church plants. Basically, this will enable us to work well with other like-minded churches in the area and partner with them to reach people in the Knoxville area. It also enables us to get funding at the state level, so great news overall!
  • One team member got a job offer in Knoxville. Gwyn Jones was offered a part-time teaching position at a Knoxville school, so we're celebrating with her!
  • Several team members are in the interview process for Knoxville jobs. Tyler, Eric, Sara, Melanie, Sean, and Marcus are all in the process of applying, interviewing and negotiation phase of jobs that would enable them to move to Knoxville.

How to Pray

  • Pray for our team members already in Knoxville. As a reminder, the Antals, The Hsiangs, the Yorks, Patti Donovan, and William Bitterman are our team members already in Knoxville. Continue to pray that they would care for one another well in this time before the rest of the team arrives.
  • Pray for job opportunities and interviews to work out. As we mentioned earlier, a number of our team are currently hunting down, applying for, and interviewing for jobs in Knoxville. Pray that doors would open and they'd be able to land jobs that enable them to move to Knoxville this summer. 
  • Pray for continued focus in a season of rapid transition. As we mentioned, over 80% of our team will be transitioning to the city of Knoxville this summer. Pray that in the midst of figuring out all the details, we would remain focused on the reason we're moving–to tell more people about Jesus.

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