June, otherwise known as "Moving Month"

From Kent:

The month of June marks the beginning of what we have affectionately labeled our "summer of craziness." Between now and September, 90% of our team plans to relocate to Knoxville. People will be saying their goodbyes, loading up moving trucks, and settling into new homes and new jobs. 

Casey Dajani moved to Knoxville June 9, so I asked him to share a little bit about how he got connected with our team and decided to join up with City Church:

Going into the summer of 2015 I was a rising senior at USC and I was beginning to think and pray about where I was going to work after I graduated. Pretty much right when that happened the Lord stepped in and took over.

The first person who told me about City Church was Kent Bateman. I remember meeting with him to talk about my brother Josh, who is a student at the University of Tennessee, and how he had joined the church plant. Kent casually mentioned the idea of me joining the church plant after graduation too. It was a casual invite to pray about it but it got me thinking, and Kent wasn’t the only one. During that first month of praying about life after college I had multiple people bring up the idea of Knoxville and City Church. My family, my girlfriend, my friends, everyone seemed to bring up City Church.

So I started seriously asking the Lord if Knoxville was where He was calling me. The more I prayed about the idea and talked it through with people the more I felt it was where I was supposed to go. To top it all off, that summer I was interning with Pepsi and by August I had received a full-time offer to work for them after graduation. I requested to be placed in Knoxville, which would mean switching regions which is very unlikely, but the Lord moved and they quickly found a job for me in Knoxville! The Lord showed himself again when my now fiancé Sara began looking for a job as a nurse. After her first interview they offered her a job before she even left the room!

After seeing how the Lord provided, Sara and I are extremely excited to see how He is going to use us in the City of Knoxville because we both know it is exactly where we are supposed to be.

– Casey Dajani


  • Another local family has joined the team. Meet Brian and Adrienne Notess, another couple from Knoxville that has joined up with our team. They got connected through one of our team members in Knoxville, Hayden Antal. They're joining up along with their kids, Asher (7), Silas (5), and another baby boy due this September.

  • Another Columbia-ite has joined our team. Annie Wheeler will be moving to Knoxville with us as well. Annie has been a part of our sending church, Midtown Fellowship, for many years and we're glad to have her joining us in Knoxville as well. Annie has already bought a house in North Knoxville and will be teaching at Berean Christian School.
  • (At least) 11 team members move this month. The Breretons, Batemans, Walshes, and future Dajanis all move to Knoxville in the month of June. Like we said, summer of craziness.

How to Pray

  • Pray for the team already in Knoxville. We now have 16 adults and 6 kids meeting as a LifeGroup in Knoxville. Pray for this community as new folks get to know everyone, and as they practice being church family together and inviting others into that.

  • Pray for round two of fundraising. Jeff and Kent have begun our second round of fundraising to help provide for our 2017 ministry year. Be looking for next month's special video update to find out how you can help, but in the meantime, be praying for people who want to partner with us financially to see God's kingdom come in Knoxville.

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