Celebrating Some Numbers & Our Plans this Fall

It's been a fun full summer for us at City Church. For this reason, we wanted to take a minute and give a quick summary of all that's happened so far in City Church history, so you can celebrate with us:

  • 26 people (30 including kids) moved from Columbia to start City Church.
  • 11 locals (21 including kids) have joined in with us to be a part of City Church.
  • 6 more locals (10 including kids) are hanging out with us and thinking about joining.


  • Our church has now multiplied from one to two LifeGroups. This summer, we quickly outgrew the ability to all meet weekly in the same spot, so we multiplied into two different groups. These two groups are led by our pastors, Kent and Jeff, and their wives, Callie and Ana.
  • We've got a fun fall coming up. As we multiply into two LifeGroups, we wanted to make sure that members of each group still felt connected to the whole church. We also wanted to provide opportunities for our team to invite people into what we're doing. So we have a fall schedule of events. We'll be watching the first UT game, spending time on the lake, going to the drive-in movie, among other things. If you're interested in visiting for some of the events, we'd love to host you! You can find all the details on our website calendar here.
  • We've got a home-grown addition to the team! Brian and Adrienne Notess (two of our team members) welcomed Luke Bernard into the world this week. We can't wait for this little dude to grow up in and around our church family. Also, this is the first of 4 babies that will be born into our church family between now and February (!)

How to Pray

  • Pray for provision for full-time salaries. As we mentioned in last month's update, because of all the growth we've seen so far, Kent and Jeff are hoping to go full-time this fall to best care for our people. They'll be fundraising to provide these salaries, so pray that people would feel led to give! If people want to give, they can do so easily here.
  • Pray for jobs. We have a few remaining team members that are looking for jobs to provide for their move to the Knoxville area. Pray that they'd get connected to the right opportunities, and that God would give them favor with the employers interviewing them.
  • Pray for Gathering space facilities. Because of where we are numerically, we are looking to start renting space for monthly Gatherings beginning in January. Pray for favor as Jeff and Kent begin exploring options in the downtown Knoxville area.