An Update from Kent & Jeff

Hey guys, Kent and Jeff here. Wanted to do things a little different this month in updating you on how things are going with City Church here in Knoxville. First off, Jeff and I are finally living in the same city once again, so that means BFFs reunited obviously. We’re loving both being in Knoxville because it means we get to do a ton of hands-on shepherding together with our people here. 

This summer has been crazy, partly because this is when the bulk of our team is moving to Knoxville. So we’ve been spending a lot of Saturdays loading and unloading trucks, as we get people transitioned to their new lives here in the city.

People, People, and More People

One thing that’s been incredible to watch is how quickly God has added to our church family. In addition to the 30 or so people moving from Columbia, we have been growing organically in Knoxville as well. 

In fact, we’ve been having locals join our church family at the same rate as people moving from Columbia this summer. On average, we’ve had one new family and one individual join City Church in Knoxville each week for the past month. This is a combination of people contacting us through the website, as well as our members being good missionaries in Knoxville. We honestly had no idea that our team would grow this much before we even start hosting any Sunday services at all, and are so very blown away and thankful for it.

In the midst of all of this growth, here’s what we’ve noticed. One of the realities of our church growing much faster than we anticipated, is that both of us as pastors are needing increasingly more time to care for our people well. The reality is that shepherding 52 people just takes more time than shepherding 25. And a central conviction of ours at City Church is that we want to grow in health just as quickly as we grow numerically–if not faster. We don't want to just be a big group of people; we want to be a healthy group of people.

A Cheap & Practical Way to Help

So here’s what we’re wanting to do. For us to care for these new people, we’d love if Jeff and I could go full-time by this fall. In order to do that, we need to raise about $3000/month on top of what we currently have coming in. While that may sound like a lot, all that would need to happen is for each person reading this blog to give an average of $25/month.

We know that for some of you, $25/month is a decent commitment. You may not have that margin in your budget. And if not, that’s totally fine. For others of you, $25 is easy to do and honestly you could easily do $50, or $100 or more. So do whatever amount you’re able to. But if you all gave just an average of $25, we’d be good to go. We’d be set up to love and care for our people well, as well as keep up with the amazing momentum God has given us so far here in Knoxville.

If you do want to give any amount), you can sign up easily using the button below:

Thank You

The reality is God will provide this for us. We’re gonna hit the fundraising trail here pretty soon, and one way or another, we’ll figure it out. But we didn’t want to do that before giving you guys the opportunity to help out first. 

We know so many of you guys do such an incredible job supporting us and praying for us each month, and we’re so grateful for you in that. It means so much to have such a dedicated group of people behind us in this process.

Thank you guys!

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