Let's face it: the Old Testament at times isn't easy to read. And however hard it often is to read, it's frequently even harder to understand, and still harder to apply. At the same time, the Old Testament contains verse upon verse of vital information for us to understand what's going in the New Testament. So how should we read and understand Old Testament narratives? Are they stories with a moral point to draw out? Are they allegories for our "spiritual" life? 

At the end of the day, what are these bible stories about, and how should we read them? This series takes five weeks to look at some of the most popular Old Testament narratives and understand what they're all about. 


David & goliath

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The story of David & Goliath is the ultimate (and maybe first) underdog story. A shepherd boy nobody had ever heard of defeats an intimidating giant with a slingshot. Often, the story is referenced as an example of how you can't ever rule somebody out because of their size, strength, or obscurity. But is that what the story is really about? 

adam & eve

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At the very beginning of the bible, we find a story about two naked people in a garden, who end up having a very important discussion with a talking snake. Behind the events in the story, we discover a lot about what has gone wrong with the world and what is being done about it. What can the story of Adam & Eve teach us about God and ourselves?

Noah & the ark

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In any children's bible stories book, you'll likely find the story about a guy named Noah and a boat he built for his family and a bunch of animals. But those books often overlook the more difficult details of the story: a worldwide flood? God grieving that he made human beings? The extinguishing of most of humanity? What in the world is this story about?


Abraham & isaac

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In the middle of Genesis, we find a somewhat odd story about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son on an altar. What's perhaps even stranger is that this man begins to do it. Behind all the peculiar details of this story, we find a vivid depiction of what love and sacrifice really are. What can the gruesome story of Abraham & Isaac teach us about what we love? 

Joseph & his coat

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At the end of the first book of the bible, there's a story about a boy named Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers. Joseph's life from there reads like one tragedy after another. Joseph is imprisoned, wrongfully accused, and narrowly escapes death. But behind it all is important truth about how God works (and how he doesn't). What can we learn from Joseph's crazy life?


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