Your guide to work, decision-making, and other confusing things. 

Becoming an adult in today’s world can be one of the most exciting, anticipated, wonderful, confusing, disorienting, frustrating things a person goes through. All of a sudden, there’s work to go to, there’s bills to pay, there’s decisions to make–and on top of all that, there’s trying to navigate what friendships and free time look like with all the other stuff going on.

Most people feel unprepared for at least parts of adulthood, if not for adulthood in general. And some of us spend plenty of time just pretending to know what we’re doing. But if we’re honest, we’d love it if we had someone to coach us up on portions of it, and help us navigate the maze that is life as a grown-up.

Cue Adulting: Work, Finances, and other Confusing Things. This series takes four weeks to tackle some of the toughest parts of adulthood, using the opening pages of Genesis as a guide.



Below you'll find brief summaries of what we'll cover each week in the series. To listen to sermons as they're posted, head over to the teaching page here. 

Week 1: Work

Believe it or not, work is not a bad thing or an ultimate thing, but rather a good thing given to us by God to partner with him in cultivating, serving, and blessing the rest of creation. The very first human beings were given work to do from the very beginning. This has all sorts of implications for how we think about work including our career choice, attitude towards work, diligence in work, and purpose of work.

Week 2: Decision-Making

Adult life is filled with decisions to make: what career to pursue, what job to take, if to marry, who to marry, where to live...and that's just the most common ones. If we're going to learn how to function as fully-formed adults in today's world, we're going to need some sort of guide for how to make decisions. How do we know what makes a good decision and what makes a bad one? We'll discuss all this in more in this teaching.

Week 3: Finances

Adulthood comes with a newfound independence in regards to our finances. How we handle our money has the potential to make or break our adult life in a dozen different ways. At the core of it all is the question, what does it mean to be a good steward (or manager) of what we've been given? And what does that mean practically for what we do with our money?

Week 4: What Nobody Tells You

There's one particular mindset that often stands in the way between us and a fully-formed adult life. One common enemy of adulting that we all must face, come to terms with and do something about. When we do, it's like taking the shackles off. When we don't, it makes everything about adulthood harder than it has to be. What is it? Well, this one's really better to explain in person...

Recommended Reading

From time to time, we like to offer book suggestions to accompany our teaching series. The following titles have helped shaped our thinking on the topics in this series, and we wanted to offer them here in case you're interested in reading further on the subject.