The Truth About Christmas


The story of the very first Christmas is a familiar one to many people: Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the manger, and the angels. But when a story becomes familiar, it's easy to miss its significance. What was going on with Mary's pregnancy? Why would God tell Joseph to do something that would so obviously make life hard for him? And what's with the random list of names that are a part of the story?

This series takes four weeks to look at the details behind the story of the first Christmas and discern what we can learn about God and his son as a result. 


Below you’ll find the teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent.  

Bible Stories: What the Old Testament is All About


Let's face it: the Old Testament at times isn't easy to read. And however hard it often is to read, it's frequently even harder to understand, and still harder to apply. At the same time, the Old Testament contains verse upon verse of vital information for us to understand what's going in the New Testament. So how should we read and understand Old Testament narratives? Are they stories with a moral point to draw out? Are they allegories for our "spiritual" life? 

At the end of the day, what are these bible stories about, and how should we read them? This series takes five weeks to look at some of the most popular Old Testament narratives and understand what they're all about. 


Below you’ll find the teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent.  

Party Like Jesus: Meals, Celebrations, & the Heart of God


There are all kinds of notions about who Jesus was. A Jewish teacher of the law. God in the flesh. A left-of-center teacher and philosopher. The resurrected son of God. 

But among all the popular perceptions, not many think of Jesus as a partier. However, if you take a survey of the life of Jesus, meals and celebrations were a integral part of his life. It is written about Jesus that he came "eating and drinking" (Luke 7:34). And when Jesus wasn't at parties, he was talking about them. Many of Jesus' teachings and parables have meals and celebrations at their center.

So what can we learn from Jesus' food-and-drink saturated life? How might this aspect of Jesus change the way we view God and other people? We explore those questions and more in our series, Party Like Jesus.

Below you'll find the teachings from this series, beginning with the most recent. 

Stand-Alone Teachings


From time to time, we do stand-alone teachings that aren't a part of a larger series. Below you'll find a list of those teachings, beginning with the most recent. 


Contrast Community: The Sermon on the Mount

In Jesus' famous sermon on the mount, he unpacks his picture of who his people are meant to be. Jumping from topic to topic, he explains how being a follower of Jesus impacts your morality, your ethics, your sexuality, your finances and more.

In all of it, his goal is to create a counter-cultural contrast community–a group of people who live actively in the world, but at the same time distinct from it. Realistically, this type of life will be both offensive and compelling to the watching world.

In this series, we sift through Jesus' teaching on what a counter-cultural community of human beings can look like, using his sermon on the mount as a guide.


Below are the teachings from Contrast Community, beginning with the most recent.